We’re gathering some information on teachers' views towards Professional Development. Answer up to 20 Qs for a chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!
We'll start with a few quick questions about you and your role.

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How many pupils attend your primary school? *

How many pupils attend your secondary school? *

Excellent! Thank you very much. We're going to look at online learning in particular for the next few questions.

Have you ever carried out a professional development course online? *

What was the best aspect of learning online? *

What was the most challenging aspect of learning online? *

If you were enrolled in a programme of professional development delivered online, roughly how much time per week could you devote to your learning (on average)? *

If you were enrolled in a programme of professional development delivered online, when would you likely conduct your studies? *

How much would your school be willing to pay for a programme of professional development delivered online with 50 hours’ worth of content, structured over a 6-12 month period including ongoing support, practical tools and resources? *

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is no benefit and 10 is highly beneficial, please rate the following benefits to learning online:

Flexibility to study at times that fit around my schedule *

No need to travel *

Generally cheaper than in-person training *

The ability to study at my own pace and re-visit content *

Wider community of learners to engage with *

I can choose the order I study modules *

And are there any other benefits you'd suggest?

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is no problem at all and 10 is a real challenge for you, please rate the following challenges to learning online:

Being disciplined with my time *

Access to the internet *

I don't get on with technology *

Finding the time to study *

Confidence in online as a platform for learning *

Lack of personal interface *

And are there any other challenges you'd suggest?

Great, thanks {{answer_55610068}}! Now we'll have a look at a couple of in-person training questions.

How far would you travel for an in-person course lasting two or more days? *

If you were to complete a four-day professional development course, what would be more manageable for you and your school? *

And when is the best time to attend a professional development course? *

How much would you be willing to pay for four days’ face-to-face training, with practical tools and resources to help action and embed your learning? *

Only seven more questions to go!

How much in-school time can you use for planning per week? *

On average, how much time do you spend preparing for each lesson? *

Don't worry, we'll not tell your colleagues... or pupils ;)

How often are you able to prepare lessons in collaboration with a colleague? *

How often do you and your colleagues come together as a Key Stage team or department to plan? *

What is the focus of your time when you meet (where 1 is no focus at all, and 10 is a top priority)?

Curriculum planning *

Pedagogy *

Assessment *

Lesson planning *

Parental engagement *

Behaviour *

Marking *

Extracurricular activity *

Admin *

Does your school buy in schemes of work or design its own? *

Phew, last one now!

Imagine you are tasked with improving your school’s ability to design assessments, with the aim of generating reliable diagnostic information on pupil needs to inform teaching and lesson planning. Which of the following models of support is more attractive to you? *

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